Wednesday, 16 December 2009

One door closes... (Stepping into the Void)

This past 3 weeks have been very intense to say the least. A few weeks ago I was called in to the office where I work and told there was a high probability me and a few others would be made redundant. I was shocked as despite the rumors we were not making enough money, I guess you dont fully believe it till you experience it.

I realised when I got home that despite it was not outwardly a nice experience it was a kick in the ass from the Universe. I had not been happy in my job for years, it was security and regular money but that was it. Despite getting so wound up over things at times and saying I was going to look for other jobs, I never really had enough motivation and I just got stuck in the routine. Fear held me back...

Several things triggered these events into action. Firstly I am going through an intense period of growth and DNA Recoding. To do this I work through blocks and let go of any anger I once held to people from my past. I was told that this process which can last up to 9 months will see friends leave and jobs disappear. About three months ago I had a reading and guide portrait done by clairvoyant Elaine Thompson in which my main guide communicated this message:

"He asks you why you are still stuck in a situation that you know you should have changed some time ago...He says your comfort zone is too comfortable, and that you must work on your faith and trust yourself, and your abilities to manifest what you want... You may have to stand allone in this field of endeavor, but remember you will not 'lose' anything - only gain more."

So just when id come to accept this situation was a form of contract or life path realignment they dropped a bomb shell on me. My boss told me on Monday that they had reconsidered and that I was needed but they were going to offer me another role. They were asking me to do my old job, plus more work and all for the same pay and I was told how I would be 'mad' not to accept this! This sort of mind game may have worked on me in the past but not now.

I asked by guides and higher self why this had happened and they said that it was not that I was being forced to leave but that I had to choose this freely for myself. This was the lesson and what was needed to prove that I was ready to let go and move onto better things. So today I went into say that I would take the redundancy.

This allows me to be able to put 100% into things like my ebay shop and finish writing the book ive been working on for too long. Before I did not have the energy to do this after working all day now I have the time, freedom and motivation to do these things. I may find these are just stepping stones but I will never know if I dont try!


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  1. I agree with you. you will never know if you dont try. Sometimes you have to take risks to experience joy. I aspire to be as spiritually aware as you... -ch

  2. Hey well done..i nearly choked when they offered you the job back for more work and same pay "DONT DO IT!"..i screamed..but anyway,, good job man you'll be totally fine.AL