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Best Crystals for Psychic Protection

One of the most common questions I get asked when it comes to crystals is what are the best stones for protection?

Perhaps this isn't a surprise because since ancient times the most common amulets, charms and talismans were usually worn or carried for protection. I think there has been a renewed interest as many people are waking up and soon realizing that they are becoming very sensitive to harsh and lower energies and that certain people or places do have a negative effect on how they feel.

There are sometimes people who project their energies onto others even unknowingly and in some rare cases people can be psychically attacked. In any of these situations the most important thing in my experience is working on shielding yourself. There are many ways and techniques available to do this and having a clear focus on defining energetic boundaries is the main thing and will increase your confidence and empower you.

How Crystals for Psychic Protection Work

Crystals can assist us with this, they help strengthen the aura and deflect negative energies very well. Carrying or wearing a protective stone is a psychological reminder to you that you are being clear about your boundaries and how much of others energies you will accept into your aura or personal space. 

How to use Crystals for Psychic Protection at Home

You can also use these stones in the home to create a sanctuary, especially the bedroom. While we sleep we are in a more vulnerable state, there has been studies done which found that most psychic attacks and energy vamping take place during sleeping hours.

In terms of house protection there are key areas to place stones, this does tie in with Feng Shui to some degree. A large stone can be placed near the main entrance to the house, inside and near the door. Other places include windows, place on the windowsill, you could hand a stone too. 

You can get carved stones which symbolise a protective guardian, such as a lion or an angel. You can grid a room or the whole house by placing four specially chosen stones at the four corners. Remember to cleanse and dedicate the stones for protection, hold them and focus on your intent, this is sometimes called programming.

The other key place would be near your bed, place a stone on your bedside cabinet, you can place it under the bed itself if you don’t have the space. The other location I would say is worth placing a crystal is near your computer. Its clear to those who have been using the internet for a while that there are people who like to trigger emotional reactions in others which is a form of psychic vamping. 

I've also known many people who were psychically attacked by people they had strong and emotional disagreements with online. A protective stone here should help block or absorb any negativity sent your way.

Personal Psychic Protection

The easiest way to use a protection crystal is carrying it with you or you can wear your chosen stone in any way that feels right for you. The important thing is to focus on shielding and work with the stone. 

There are many crystals for protection out there so what I will suggest is my top stones for specialist protection. As always choose the stones which feel right to you, different stones work differently with different people because we all have our own unique energy. I never recommend stones I have not tried and tested myself.

Tibetan Quartz
Strong protection and absorbs negativity or psychic attack

Tigers Eye
General protection but also very good against black magick and ill wishers/ evil eye

Black Tourmaline
General all round protection

Not so well known but very powerful

Another firey stone which protects on many levels

Strengthens the outer aura and good for avoiding psychic attacks

Aqua Aura
Good for all Psychic protection plus blocks energy vamping (psychic vampires)

Flame Aura
Shields from harsh energies, works especially well for Starseeds

Smoky Quartz
All round protection, the darker the better!

Dragon's Eye
Red Tigers Eye. Carries strong dragon and fire energies. Good against the evil eye

Lapis Lazuli
Gives psychic protection and protects from dark or harmful magick users and the evil eye

Shields on many different levels, good against deceptive people, energies or entitie

Protection from psychic stalking, earth boud spirits and harmful entities

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  1. I'll tell you one of the reasons you were meant to do this blog, was for me to find it. you are helping me tremendously. I aspire to be spiritually aware as you and this post has taught me a lot. Read my post on my "today's F-ed up thought" titled past lives and maybe some other if you find interest. i will be going to get some of these crystals soon. I have an amethyst and rose quartz. wheres the best place to find them? so thankful I found your blog... thank you -cs

  2. Thanks for your comments and im glad this blog was helpful to you. If you can buy crystals locally its easier but some more rare stones might not be easy to find. If buying online make sure you see the actual picture so you can choose the right one for you.

  3. This was REALLY helpfull, ive heard about some of these stones but not all. Will check out your Etsy store, so hard to find stone bracelets for men which are a bit different. These look great!

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  5. Thanks Arthur, Ive added alot of new designs to my Etsy store Merkaba Warrior for both men and women.

  6. What do you mean when you refer to Aqua and Flame Aura's. Do you mean imagining a shield of those elements around you? Also what is a Starseed?

    1. Hi, Aqua Aura and Flame Aura are types of crystals like all the others in the list of stones for psychic protection. Starseed is a term used by people who believe their soul has had past lives on other planets before Earth