Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Metaphysical Shopping in the 90's ( Before the Internet )

Metaphysical shopping in the 90's before the Internet was quite an adventure. Things have changed so much in the past 15 years. Although I love the huge choice and availability we now have for metaphysical items online I do sometimes miss those days.

I know some of you may be wondering how you would ever have learned about alternative spiritual paths if you did not have access to the Internet. So this was how we did it...

My First Metaphysical Shop Experience

Flashback to the early 90's... I lived in a small Seaside Town in England. I was lucky in that we did have a shop which opened which sold some metaphysical items. I was about 15 when I first went in. The place was dark, there was allot of purple and you could smell the incense. They had new age post cards with fantasy landscapes and sacred sites on.

Behind the counter there was a selection of those Chinese Medicine Balls. This was the first time I had seen crystals being sold for their healing properties. They were quite unusual as these tumble stones had a coating which released essential oils. This eventually rubbed off and you were left with the crystal. I think they were sold as Aroma Rocks?

Book Shops

Another way we could access metaphysical information was in any good sized book shop. There was a 'New Age' section which usually consisted of books about Tarot, Paranormal topics and Astrology. This was the first time I think I saw Tarot and Oracle cards for sale.

Big book chains I was able to access later had a much wider choice. Unlike now where you can get good recommendations and read honest reviews we had no idea if any of the books were really any good.

The Library

All Libraries had a shelf for 'Paranormal' or 'Occult' topics. It mostly consisted of books from the 1970's about hauntings, ESP and UFO's. I always remember me and a friend wanted to check out a book on Telepathy and the Librarian woman looked disapprovingly at us and said it was 'Witchcraft'...

Enter My Art College Friends

Flashback mid 90s, think Grunge music, Nirvana, Brit Pop, Raves. Things massively improved for me when I left School and went to Art College in another Town. Suddenly I was not alone in my curiosity about divination and the esoteric.

A friend I met there took me to a Fair Trade shop which had a few metaphysical items such as incense, scented candles and crystals. It smelled of wood polish and herbal tea. We also started scouring dusty second hand Book Shops when we finished College, which I will get to later...

Teenagers before smart phones...

Metaphysical Shops

We would get on a train to the City where there was a large alternative and metaphysical shop called Kathmandu. Actually everyone used to refer to these places as 'Hippy Shops' back then. This was our favourite place to go. You were greeted at the door with a giant wooden Buddha statue and a wall of unidentifiable incense smoke. Just inside were racks of jewellery consisting of astrology symbols, eyes, runes, mood rings and psychedelic post cards.

Upstairs they had a Piercing Studio, alternative clothes shop which was full of tie dye dresses and band t-shirts. They also had a shelf of tumble stone crystals which were stored in sweet jars (candy jars) with a brief description of the properties on. This was the best pick-n-mix ever!

They also had candles, Buddhas, oils, incenses and crystal balls. The other thing back then which was really annoying was if you bought a Tarot deck you could not look through all the cards. It was like Russian Roulette, I would get Home only to discover the Minor Aracana was not illustrated.

Second Hand Book Shops

These were quite an experience. They smelled of slowly decaying books and dust. You could find all kinds of books if you spent the time looking. There were really old books from the Theosophy movement, books on Atlantis, Lemruria, Hermetics, spell books, books on old school angels and demonology... Some had obscure magickal panthlets and antique Masonic handbooks...

Mail Order...

Lastly I found this option by buying the little astrological panthlets in Book Shops which had horoscopes and lots of metaphysical ads for psychics and magickal talismans. You would send off a letter and they would send you a catalogue with books, tarot, magic powders, incense, amulets, and ouija boards...

These were the only options we had for learning alternative information and getting metaphysical items till the Internet came along in the late 90's. I would say to you to please support your local metaphysical shops as many have sadly closed down or are struggling to pay their rents.

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Saturday, 26 December 2015

Archangel Power Tarot Cards Review (Revised Edition)

Archangel Power Tarot Cards were the second Tarot deck created by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. Not many people know but the deck has since completely been revised and updated with new artwork for many of the cards. I will review what I think to the deck and show you some of the changes against the old cards.

Why I Waited so long to buy this Deck

I loved Doreen and Radleigh's Angel Tarot Cards but held off getting Archangel Power Tarot Cards . I had been put off by a number of bad reviews for this deck on Amazon when it was first released. The issues people had were to many photographic faces, too many cameos of authors and to many smiles? Some figures looked stuck on and didnt blend well with the background. Perhaps the stangest issue was that alot of people didn't like the way the people on the cards "looked directly at them"...

I loved the concept behind the deck. Another Tarot deck which was super easy to read with, an Archangelic theme and a focus on motivational messages.

I wasn't sure about the artwork and a few cards had photographic images in which looked very out of place. But I kept going back to it and each time I would talk myself out of getting it. The truth is it is currently rated 4.5 stars on Amazon.co.uk which is pretty good for anything on there.

This Summer 2015 I finally decided to listen to my intuition and get it anyway because I knew there must be a reason I kept coming back to the deck. I hardly ever like all the cards in a Tarot or Oracle deck so I bought it.

First Impressions and The Changes

I am so glad I got this deck. I didn't even know the artwork had been revised or changed (Says nothing online). The card I most disliked is now altered completely and in keeping with the other cards. If you purchase this Tarot deck new today it will be the revised version.

Many of the card images online which show a photographic collage image have since been replaced with a painted or CGI image. Many cameos have been removed. I have no idea how many cards have changed, some changes are really subtle such as the direction the person is looking or a change of expression.

These are far more in keeping with the deck's look and theme and without a doubt a huge improvement. This shows they do listen to what people are saying.

The deck is gilded in gold and has a slightly fantasy art style, but not as much as Angel Tarot Cards. The images are bolder and less detailed. A few cards have a more modern or vintage look to them. Here are some examples of the changes I spotted with my deck and those from the old edition.

The old Moon card featured Doreen but now a new angel takes her place

The old card was more stylised, smiling and looking forward. New card is more realistic
and looking down

The old angel wore a hat and was smiling. The new card has a different head with neautral expression

Old version had a photo of auther Robert Reeves and his book which is now replaced with
CGI or painted image with old book

Old version was smiling and may have been Doreen? New card is more contemplative, not Doreen

The old card featured two men in modern dress. New card shows men separated (Did people complain?) in old world clothing with wands. Photographics faces look very familar...

Old card in modern dress, hair is anti-gravity? New card has classic Greek clothing, bald
and looks more natural

My Favourite Cards

11- Strength, 16 - Change Your Life, 4 - The Emperor, 9 - Epithany, Eight of Raphael, Nine of Michael, Page of Raphael, Queen of Gabriel, Seven of Raphael...

Three of my favourite cards in the deck

The Major Arcana

Like the the Angel Tarot Cards each card is based on an Archangel with their name appearing on each card. Several cards have been renamed like the Fool, Hanged Man, Death, The Tower and Judgement. Strength and Justice are numbered in the original order pre Smith Waite Tarot. To be honest I don't mind the changes and understand why they do this.

I still work with traditional Tarot card decks myself. I like the accessability of Doreen and Radleigh's Tarot cards and the ease of use. I do think it would be helpful if future Tarot decks they make stuck with one set of renamed cards to make it easier to move between decks.

The Suits

The suits are rulled by one of the four cardinal Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel with less focus on the suit symbols in the artwork. In each card the Archangel appears acting like a Guide to the people in the images.

Who this Deck is For

The deck is ideal for questions relating to people's life choices, goals and ambitions. If your feeling like you need support during a challenging time. If  you need motivation or are feeling disempowered. If you need courage and confidence to make big changes in your life. If your running a small business yourself and lack any support circle this is a brilliant deck.

I find it gives me a positive motivational message for the day and that it is also very accurate and timely. It is also ideal for a 12 card monthly spread for the same reasons.



Archangel Power Tarot Cards are a hugely underated deck in my opinion sadly spoilt by dated reviews of the first edition which is no longer in print. I think it would serve Hay House publishing to make it more known and clear when they revise and update a deck.

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Friday, 30 October 2015

Psychic Attack Experiences and Accusing Others - Storytime!

Things can look different in the night

Since I started using spiritual forums over 10 years ago one thing I've seen allot of is people accusing others of psychic attack either publicly, privately or through gossip. Needless to say this is often counter productive.

I have a true story to share of something that happened to me a few years ago which will make you think twice about doing this. I have never shared this story publicly before but I think it might be helpful. Even if you are sure you know who psychicly attacked you, this may make you seriously question yourself.

My Psychic Attack Experience

I was asleep and something made me wake up. Now I totally accept I could have been lucid dreaming but this does not really matter as some psychic attacks occur in the dream state. My room was dark but I could just make out a large figure stood at the end of my bed...

This person was wearing a black cloak. They were also facing away from me and did not seem to be aware I had woke up and seen them. Despite this I knew who this was by the way they looked, the build and hair gave it away but also their energy. This was someone who did not like me but I had not seen or heard from them in a long time.

They seemed to be breathing slowly, like they were meditating or something... I was wondering what they were doing here. As I opened my mouth to ask why they were in my bedroom they seemed to shift under the cloak, changing size and shape. They span around and I was in total shock as they had changed into my sister!

No sooner had they turned into the likeness of my sister they began screaming and clawing at me like someone out of a bad horror movie. It was honestly very scary but as I use psychic protection they quickly gave up unable to enter my aura or harm me and they vanished into the darkness. I was half asleep, confused thinking why was my sister just attacking me?

Of course I soon realised what I just witnessed and luckily I saw this person before they astral shape shifted or I may have blamed my sister. This person I believe may have been psychic snooping through astral travel or remote viewing. Maybe planning to borrow the form of someone close to me to disguise their own actions. Yes very creepy.

Things Are Not Always What They Seem

Luckily this person never did it again and nothing like this has ever happened since. Whatever really happened that night, it made me very aware of the type of trickery that could be possible by people that love drama or want to cover their tracks. Clairvoyance is not always reliable. Even if you see someone do something with your ability this may not be what or who you think it is.

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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

My Spiritual Morning Rituals

Morning Rituals

I'll be honest, I'm not a morning person but I have noticed since I started to change my morning routine, things have got alot better for me. I have much more energy and feel more motivated. If this is something you lack and even if the idea of doing these things in the morning makes you recoil, it would probley benefit you even more.

Start off Small

What you do as a Morning Ritual is up to you, don't feel like you have to do what others are doing. Even just 5 minutes a day could make all the difference and later you can add more time or rituals to your routine. You can try things out for a few weeks and see how they work for you. If you don't like them you can change them, but do give things a good try.

My Morning Rituals

My Morning Rituals are more spiritual than some you will hear about. I do take a more relaxed approach to Morning Rituals in that I do mine a little later in the morning after I have had breakfast and brushed my teeth etc. I do work alot of my week from home, so I have time for exercise in the morning but if you don't no worries. Here are a few ideas to consider.

1 - Grounding
I do a meditation every moring to ground myself before anything else. I visualise myself as a tree with roots growing towards the core of the Earth. This grounds me or makes me feel more centred and reduces morning brain fog or spaceyness.

2 - Shielding
I am quite empathic and believe its good to strengthen our auras from harmfull energies. See it as your psychic immune system. I visualise an egg of coloured light around me and program it for 24 hours.

3 - Goals & Affirmations
This is a new addition to my Morning Rituals which im trialing. I have a list of goals I am working towards, things I wish to manifest and also a few affirmations of what I want to achieve personally within myself. Im surprised how much I like this. It helps with focus, direction and productivity.

4 - Calling Guides & Angels
I call on my Guides, Guardians, Angels, Masters/Teachers and Spiritual Councils I work with. This is our support team. You can customise this to suit your beliefs. At this point I can ask for help, messages or signs during my day.

5 - Card of the Day
I have been doing this for many years now. I pull a card from an Oracle card deck or a Tarot to get some guidance or an inspirational message for the day. I have this on display on my small personal altar so I am reminded of its message.

6 - Yoga or Exercise
I usually do about 20 minutes of Kundalini Yoga or half an hour of exercise with weights. Nothing too serious but enough to help keep me fit and avoid back problems. I used to do this at the end of the day after work. I would constantly skip it because I felt too tired and eventually I would fall out of the habit. Doing this in the morning has kept me on track and it gives me a boost of energy when I need it most, in the morning.

But I Don't Have Time...

I can do the first five Morning Rituals listed above in about 10 minutes. If you still feel you don't have 10 minutes free in the morning, have a good honest look at your morning routine. There are usually things we spend to long doing or are time stealers, like checking social media sites or trawling through emails. The other way is to just get up 10 minutes earlier.

Do you have any Morning Rituals you would recomnend or that you are considering? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

My Tarot Journal Update

Cover of my Tarot Journal

Its been a while since I shared anything on my Tarot Journal and learning journey (Original blog post here). I decided that as well as keeping a Tarot Journal I would break a habit that I feel is one of the main reasons I have struggled to really learn Tarot despite getting my first deck in the 90s.

How my Tarot Journal looked over a year ago

Sticking to one Tarot deck for learning

People will tell you to choose a Tarot deck that resonates with you. Been doing this for decades... The thing is if you are drawn to one deck and use it to learn with thats fine but I always see new decks I love. Many I felt were "The One" but find myself using different decks for different situations. Sometimes you can love the art but its impossible to read, or there is little resources for some obscure deck. Im much more careful now with this.

If you can select a more traditional deck, or one that is based closely on one but in the colours or style you like it is so much easier to learn with. I see these decks as a learning tool. These traditional decks are can be the key to understanding the Tarot. Once you understand the structure, traditional meanings and symbols you can work with so many other decks with ease.

My Learning Deck

I chose the Smith Waite Tarot, Ive always loved the Rider Waite Smith but seeing it reproduced with antique  colours just gives it so much appeal. By learning with one deck it allowed me to pick up most Tarot books and find relevant info and support in my studies. I found by sticking to just one deck also stopped the merry go round affect of picking different decks I felt like using. Its kind of like learning to drive in 7 different cars, its confusing and time wasting. Using a learning deck, which is traditional, is like the key that unlocks all the other decks. If nothing else has worked up to now, try this.

Tarot Books

I read several books to give me a more compete background to Tarot history, divinatory meanings, astrology associations to see different interpretations. I noted the meanings for upright and reversed cards that felt in keeping with what I saw in the images on the cards. It has to make sense or I dont add it. This has created quite a detailed set of possible meanings and over time ive added more of my own interpretations. If your starting a Tarot Journal I reccomend leaving about half the space for your own interpretations which will come with experience later. I believe intuition plays a big part but without a structure readings can be very hard.

Index page with symbols for recording readings quickly

Current photo of Tarot Journal now. Note page numbers in corners

Tarot Journal Collage

Inspired by seeing others journals I thought id have a go at creating a collage for the inner side of the front cover and first page. I searched Pinterest for images or Tarot cards and symbols that I feel represent the Tarot for me or its influences. I chose an antique and vintage theme, looking mostly at the inspiration behind the Smith Waite Tarot deck and the mystical and esoteric side of its symbolism. I created a board on Pinterest for the images I liked then later downloaded these and printed them onto matte self adhesive paper. I then cut these images out and could easily stick them into my journal creating my collage without messy glue.

Tarot collage, may add a few more things

The Tarot Decks im using now

Im currently mostly using Dame Darcy's Mermaid Tarot because I love the artwork, colours and how well it reads for me. Its based on the Rider Waite Smith system so its a smooth transition but feels very unique. I still use the Smith Waite deck also and a few others but those are the main two. I also repurchased the Thoth Tarot, after not owning it for many years.

Dame Darcy's Mermaid Tarot

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